Thursday, June 18, 2009

Fashion police alert

Anna Kim
Buffalo News intern

No cheering in the press box. And don’t wear high heels to a game.

In my overexcitement to cover my first Buffalo Bisons baseball game, I threw on a pair of my most professional-looking shoes. Or so I thought.

If I had found the time to kick off my shoes while scrambling down seven flights of stairs to the postgame interviews, I would have kicked myself, too. As we approached the locker room, one of the other writers looked down at my feet.

“Why are you wearing heels?”

I had asked myself the same question after the first flight of stairs.

Though proper shoe selection isn’t necessarily the most earth-shattering epiphany I’ve ever had, it is an example of the laundry list of real life lessons I’ve learned in my week and a half at the Buffalo News. There really is no substitute for the experience of working in a real newsroom.

I’ve been thrown into real assignments and very real deadlines. I’ve met some of the pros who have been in the business for decades, and I’ve been humbled by everything I have left to learn.

But I am learning.

I saw the writer at the next day’s game. He nodded approvingly at my shoes. They have great arch support, perfect for tackling any amount of stairs.

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