Friday, June 5, 2009

Creepy courtyard

David Ubben

I don’t like critters. There’s a story I’ll let you piece together involving me, a renegade cricket in my bedroom, and a scream with a pitch that seems to get higher as years go by.

The Poynter Institute campus, namely the enclosed courtyard, is overrun with dark brown, skinny lizards a little longer than the palm of your hand. They might seem harmless, but I know if people keep leaving doors open long enough, I’m going to be typing and all of a sudden my Word document is going to have a streak of 1111111111111111111s. I’ll look down, and one of those little creepers will be staring right back at me from the top of my keyboard, presumably trying to get published on the SJI blog.

Nice try, Mr. Lizard.

Let’s hope that doesn’t happen. If it does, I might have a hefty bill from Poynter for a laptop that somehow ended up shattered on the opposite side of the room from my workstation.

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